Banbury white composite fillings

The procedure involves anaesthetising the area, etching the tooth with an acid then applying a bonding agent and finally restoring the tooth with dental composite. Water contamination weakens the bond of the composite to the tooth, for this reason white fillings are placed under specific isolation techniques – preventing contamination with water and saliva.

White fillings are a popular choice for restoring teeth. A ‘dental composite’ is made up of a mix of acrylic resins and fillers. They can be used in variety of situations:

– Restoring a cavity (composite filling)
– Replacing old unsightly amalgam fillings
– Closing gaps between teeth (diastemas)
– Improving the shape of teeth
– Restoring chips or fractures of teeth

White fillings are often used in cosmetic dentistry. They are available in a range of shades allowing an exact colour match to your own teeth to be obtained. Our skilled dentists use their artistic flare to recreate the ideal shape for your tooth – whether it’s restoring a cavity or reshaping a tooth to look more natural.