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Hygiene cleaning and dental scaling are an important treatment to prevent the risk of gum disease. During a hygiene visit the clinician will clean your gums to remove any bacteria or tartar build up using our state of the art Piezo scaling system. They will also take time to remove any superficial staining by polishing your teeth to improve their appearance.

Time will also be taken to show you how to prevent build up and improve your oral hygiene by using floss and interdental brushes.

Sometimes a deeper clean is required to remove bacteria under the gums if you suffer from gum disease. If this is required the clinician will inform you. This treatment can be carried out under local anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort and usually takes 2-4 sessions to clean the whole mouth.


A comprehensive dental examination or check up is a fundamental part in the care pathway. The dentist and dental nurse work together with you to achieve a detailed assessment of your oral health.

During your check up our dentist will listen to your concerns or questions and use the time to address them. Your dentist will ask you questions about your general health and will give any relevant advice on how it affects your dental health. During the examination the dentist will examine your teeth and existing fillings, any signs of decay or other pathology, the health of the gums and the other soft tissues of the mouth, your jaw joint, muscles and glands around your head and neck.

Digital radiographs or x-rays are taken if they are deemed necessary to help assess bone levels and signs of decay. Radiographs are usually taken every 6-24 months on adults depending on your risk of dental problems.

Sometimes, as part of your dental consultation, we also take photos of your teeth for our records and to show you.

After all of this information is collected and recorded in your clinical notes the dentist will explain any relevant findings to you, discuss your oral hygiene and recommend any treatment necessary to achieve a good level of dental health. This part of the dental consultation is a two way discussion – and not a lecture! Key aspects are discussed and any questions are answered to the best of our ability. The aim of this is to communicate all aspects of your dental examination to you.

Before any treatment is decided, a written estimate and consent form are presented to you to clarify benefits and risks of having treatment or not having treatment and the fees involved.

Please come and visit us at Deddington Dental for a thorough and detailed dental health examination by a friendly, caring and understanding dentist.

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